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Dennis Historical Society
P.O. Box 607
South Dennis, MA 02660
President: Dave Talbott


1736 Josiah Dennis Manse Museum
61 Whig Street
Dennis, MA 02638
Museum Telephone: 508-385-2232
Committee Chair: Richard Roy, 508-385-3334


1801 Jericho Historical Center
90 Old Main Street
West Dennis, MA 02670
Museum Telephone: 508-398-8592
Committee Chair: Dawn Dellner 508-237-6954

Jericho Historical Center

1867 West Dennis Graded School House
67 School Street
West Dennis, MA 02670
Committee Chair: Phyllis Horton 508-398-6736
Appointed Directors: West Dennis Schoolhouse: Phyllis Horton

West Dennis Graded School House


Current Board of Directors

Elected Officers -Annual Elected Directors Appointed Directors
President: Dave Talbott Phil Catchings, Pat Corcoran, Ann Croston, Dennis Historic Commission: Bob Poskitt
Vice Presidents: Terri Fox, Betsy Harrison Kathy Dorshimer, Bo Durst, Jericho Historical Center: Dawn Dellner
Treasurer: Larry Symington Mary Kuhrtz, Bob Poskitt, Jan Ward Josiah Dennis Manse: Terri Fox
Assistant Treasurer: June Howes   WDGS/ Maritime Museum: Phyllis Horton
Recording Secretary: Bonnie Hempel   Curator/Archivist: Phyllis Horton
Corresponding Secretary: Ruth Derick   Librarian: Ruth Derick
Transitioning President: Diane Rochelle   Assistant Librarian: Paul Lapense
    Publicity: Kevin Keegan
    Director at Large: Pat Sakellis



Town of Dennis: (See the Dennis Historical Commission on the Dennis town website)

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Dennisport Revitalization:

The Dennis Chamber of Commerce:

Cape Cod Genealogical Society:

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